You Know Those Leftovers…Leek and Bacon Hash

Leek and Bacon Hash 

You know the day after the huge Christmas dinner you had with family and friends, when you open the fridge and survey the leftovers and wonder as it’s past breakfast and not quite lunch what on earth you can rustle up to feed the hungry hoards who never want to look at turkey or chocolate again? Well why not give this a whirl




½ a leek sliced (you could use leftover brussel sprouts )

6-8 rashers of smoked bacon cut into cubes (use scissors, so much easier)

Handful of sliced almonds

10-12 left over roast potatoes or boil some to par boil stage as you would prepping hem for roasting and squish them slightly with the potato masher

 In a large skillet or frying pan heat about a tablespoon of veg oil, you don’t need much as bacon is quite fatty.

Toss in the bacon and leeks, and keep things moving around the pan, as the bacon starts to cook add the potatoes. Now these will stick to the pan, but this adds to the flavour as long as you keep them moving and do not let them burn.

Everything should be cooked in about 15 mins, but check the centre of spuds hot before serving, just before removing from pan add the sliced almonds

I like mine with brown sauce but you could always jazz it up with a splash of Tabasco or sweet chilli sauce.


Week Til Pay Day Cheap and Cheerful – Graceys Chicken and Chips


So it’s that time of the month again, a week til payday and we’re eaking out the pennies. So what does the freezer contain today? Frozen chips and chicken thighs…hhhmmm…so how do we make this appealing?

Lots of people will not eat the dark meat from a chicken when they have a roast dinner however chicken thighs especially boneless ones are really versatile, they can be used in curries, moroccan chicken and even like tonight herbed and baked. My argument to those who will not eat the dark meat is if this was a chicken leg on a BBQ or at a picnic you’d tuck in so give it a try.

Graceys Chicken and Chips

This is the ultimate cheap, easy and effortless meal. Pop the oven on 200 C and start to prep your thighs. I like to cook boneless thighs as they take very little time, 40 mins max.

1 tbsp olive oil

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp ground black pepper

2 small dried chillies

1 garlic clove

large pinch dried herbs

6 boneless chicken thighs

oven chips 

whatever veg takes your fancy, we had fine green beans tonight.

In the pestle and mortar grind all seasoning to a paste. Place chicken thighs on a baking tray and enough aluminum foil to make a pocket for the chicken. Put olive oil on foil and cover the thighs in the oil, then smear on the paste.


Put in the oven on a low shelf for 10 minutes, then pop heat up to 220 C, pop in your chips and cook for another 20 minutes. Five minutes before your oven time is up pop your veg on to steam, everything will be ready together perfectly then.

The chicken has a little bite so taylor it to your families taste, fresh herbs without the chilli make a refreshing change too.