So I Bought My Son A Pumpkin

So I Bought My Son A Pumpkin

Well it was Halloween and I thought as he is thirteen it may be the last time he wants to carve a scary pumpkin.

So Halloween came and went, the pumpkin was covered in black ink designs but he found it impossible to tear himself away from friends, Xbox and t.v. long enough to actually carve it.

I could have been annoyed but instead I thought right guess we’re eating pumpkin for the next couple of weeks. So what can you do with a pumpkin.

Well I made Pumpkin Fairy Cakes. The last time I used squash to make cakes I had a lot left so froze the remainder and just defrosted what I needed when guests came, they were really delicious and moist.

I made soup with lovely garlic, chilli and cumin, Garlic and Chilli Pumpkin Soup.

I toasted the seeds. This is sooo easy, the seeds are fiddly to remove from the stringy middle but do like I did and use it as meditation.

pumpkin seeds

Place seeds in a colander and wash thoroughly. The dry off in a clean tea towel. Heat a frying pan without oil on a medium heat and keep the seeds moving in the pan until they start to colour. Tipp into an air tight container and you have something to snack on over the next week.

Now after all that you would think I would be out of pumpkin but no, I still have a quarter left so I will be roasting some with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to add to couscous and hiding some in tonights veggie pasta sauce. Not bad for just one smallish pumpkin.

Now I think I got a lot out of one pumpkin but what would you make?


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